Remote Head Options

The NINJACAM comes with a lightweight, radio controlled 2-axis remote head. It is ideally suited for action sport shots and carries 16mm, Video and most HD packages. PWM control and adjustable logarithmic joystick response ensure smooth operation. Maximum camera weight is 10 kg.

The NINJACAM is compatible with other lightweight remote heads. We recommend the SL-Pod for use with heavy cameras or when handwheel operation is required. For use on the NINJACAM the SL-Pod can carry cameras up to 15 kg.

Camera Options

All Film, Video and HD camera packages are compatible as long as they fall within the max. weight specs. NINJACAM can provide the following cameras:

  • JVC GY-HD200, 24P/60P capable HDV

Certain 35mm cameras can be used with lightweight accessories and lenses, e.g.: