NINJACAM has just moved to Vienna, Austria. 
The low shipping weight (200 kg / 450 lbs) makes it economical to use anywhere in the world.

Transport is easy. The entire system fits in the back of a minivan or pickup truck with room to spare.
It can be carried to remote locations by 3 to 4 persons.

No AC or generators are needed. The entire system is battery powered.

Due to the lightweight design, stress on the anchor points is kept to a minimum. 
This means that the NINJACAM can be suspended from trees, buildings, vehicles, even from stakes pounded
into the ground. Scaffolding on each end of the cable line is the ideal solution for most event coverage.
The NINJACAM with it's small footprint (just over 20" /50cm wide) requires minimal clearing and allows for 
spectacular narrow gap fly-throughs. Some locations, however, e.g. dense forest, may require extensive 

It is highly recommended to contact us well in advance to discuss the circumstances of a specific location.