Design Philosophy: The NINJACAM was originally developed for action sport cinematography. Budgets in that field usually don't allow for established tracking systems like Cablecam, Spydercam, Skycam or Camcat. Instead camera crews often experiment with zip-lines, sometimes with great results, but very limited options and considerable risk to the cameraman. We strove to close that gap and design a tool that provides the basic possibilities of the ultra-hightech systems while keeping it simple, lightweight and above all affordable.

Weight: The lightweight design makes the NINJACAM highly portable and suitable for hard-to-get-to locations. It also allows for low tension rigging with very high safety ratios.

Setup: Requires two technicians. Setup time depends on the location. Under ideal circumstances the system can be built in less than 90 minutes. Often natural anchor points can be used.

Operation: Requires two persons. One controls speed and direction of the dolly, the other operates the remote head. The small control station can be set up anywhere in range, due to wireless transmission of video and control signals.